April 2015

Ok so heres Aprils offerrings so far – a return to rows of patched fabric but vey multi textured and combining all the things I have made over the last 6 months – painted fabric and paper, block prints, screen prints, embroidery, dyed fabrics, inject prints, ink and stitch – hand and machine! The more complex it gets, the better, but a fairly simple structure.

Using a floating frame means that when hung, you can see through parts and see the translucent parts, complimented by the painted wall.

DSCF3313 DSCF3317DSCF3321 DSCF3325   DSCF3308 DSCF3303 DSCF3293  DSCF3287 DSCF3254  DSCF3265DSCF3236 DSCF3234 DSCF3253DSCF3224 DSCF3222


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